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General Knowledge Quiz #2

General Knowledge Quiz #2 from The Quiz Channel is here: 40 new pub quiz questions & answers. Enjoy general knowledge quizzes? Here’s one for you!

In this general knowledge quiz, we have trivia questions from the most fun quiz categories, like sports, geography, celebrities, food & drink, movies, music, art, books, history, flags, TV shows and more!

The quiz is very similar to a pub quiz or quiz night; the only difference is in our general knowledge quiz, where we have 40 general knowledge questions and answers, there are no rounds, it’s 40 questions and answers non-stop.

We will be a launching a new General Knowledge Quiz EVERY MONTH going forward, so that’s a great reason to SUBSCRIBE to The Quiz Channel on YouTube!

If you enjoy General Knowledge quizzes find more in our General Knowledge quizzes section.


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